Bismarkia Nobilis Palms Nursery

Cold Hardy Palms


Botanical Name

Bismarckia Nobilis







Common Name

 Bismarck Palm




20 to 30 feet and 30 to 60 feet


 Zone 9



Bismarckia  nobilis is a glorious and hardy palm with full crown and known for its splendid silver color.
It develops from lone trunks, dark to tan in shading, which indicate
ringed spaces from old leaf bases. Trunks are 30 to 45 cm in breadth,  marginally protruding at the base,  and free of leaf bases in everything except its most youthful parts. In their characteristic living space they can reach over 25 meters in stature however generally get no taller  than 12 m in development. The almost adjusted leaves are gigantic in development, more than 3 m wide, and are profoundly separated into at least 20 hardened portions. The leaves are costapalmate, delivering
a wedge-molded hastula where the cutting edge and petiole meet. Petioles are 2-3 m, marginally furnished, and are shrouded in a white, waxy material and cinnamon-shaded scales; the about circular leaf crown is 7.5 m wide and 6 m tall. Most developed Bismarckias highlight silver-blue foliage despite the fact that a green leaf assortment exists (which is less strong to frosty).


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