Callistemon Flowering Tree Nursery Growers

Flowering Trees

Scientific Name

Callistemon viminalis

Family Name






Common Name

 Bottle Brush


 Shrub, Trees


 10 to 20 feet

Hardiness Zone

 7a to 10a


Callistemon viminalis is  popular evergreen tree having a dense,
multitrunked, low-branching, pendulous growth habit
and a moderate growth rate. Its mature
specimens can reach 25 to 30 feet tall in 30-years but
most trees are seen 15 to 20 feet high and wide. The
narrow, light green, three to four-inch-long leaves tend
to grow only at the ends of the long, hanging
branches, creating a weeping effect. The cylindrical,
bright scarlet blooms, three to five inches long and
one-inch wide, are composed of multiple, long,
bristlelike stamens. These blooms appear in great
abundance March through July, less so throughout the
year. The flowers are followed by persistent woody
capsules which are not noticed unless you are close to
the trees. This does not attract wildlife, inconspicuous and not showy.

Tree Management:

Weeping Bottlebrushes should be grown in full
sun, preferably on moist, well-drained soil. Although
they can tolerate some drought, best flowering and
growth is obtained with ample moisture and regular
fertilization. Be sure the soil drains well as roots often
rot in wet soil. The brittle wood of Weeping
Bottlebrush may make it unsuitable for windy areas
but this is usually not a problem in most locations.
They are not suitable for street tree planting due to the
weeping growth habit, but will make nice plantings
along streets in wide medians. Lower branches can be
removed so cars can fit beneath in parking lots where
they grow well in the restricted soil space. Occasional
pruning of pendulous branches will be required for
vehicle clearance. One of the best uses is for lawn
specimens, or screens on large properties, with a
regular maintenance program.


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