Damask Pink Dried Rose Petals


Dried Roses



Damask Pink Dried Rose Petals

Dried roses of rosa damascena is used in beauty products. Rose essence can be added to bath water and rinse hair after shampoo.




Dried Rose Petals

Damask Pink Dried Rose Buds

Dried Roses


Damask Pink Dried Rose Buds


Damask roses are famed for their fine fragrance , striking emotional chord with their consumers. For the centuries, Rosa damascena has been the symbol of beauty and love. Damask roses are used as herbal tea.


Dried Rose Buds.



Dried Fruits & Nuts


Walnuts seeds are brain-shaped having crinkles on its two bumpy lobed  butterfly shape.
Seeds is enclosed in the harder shells. Walnut kernels are used in cakes and  ice creams etc
to add extra flavor and nutritional value.

Walnut Kernels (Shelled)

Light & Amber  Halves & Quarters

10Kg Polythene Bags


All Year Around



Walnuts ( InShells)


All year round


Packaging: Inner packing: Polythene bag
Outer packing: 20 kg Carton or 50 Kg Gunny Bags

Quantity Available:
1000 Metric Tonnes Each



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Gum And Compounded Asafoetida Hing Compounded Heeng Manufacturer Suppliers


Asafoetida / Asafetida / Hing / Heeng

Asafoetida has pungent smell. Due to this offensive smell , the jar of asafetida should be covered tightly or otherwise its aroma can impure the nearby stored spices. Despite of its uses as culinary it is also used as a medicinal herb.


Botanical Name:

Ferula Asafoetida,
Ferula fetid, Ferula northex

Common Names:

Hing, Heeng, Devil’s dung,


Available in Gum And Pure Form.
Compounded Asafoetida Also Can Be Furnished On Demand.