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Subtropical Trees

 Scientific Name

Pinus Roxburghii







Common Name

 Chir Pine, Imodi Pine




 Over 40 feet

 Hardiness Zone

 9a to 10b



Pinus Roxburghii  is commonly known as Chir Pine. It is local to the Himalayas, and was named after William Roxburgh. It is an elegant conifer and got ever green foliage. Pinus roxburghii is a prominent tree, which can achieve the height of 30–50 m and having needle like leaves. Generally, the dense carpet of needles on the floor under these trees makes other many plants hard to grow. The trees, which can grow under these conditions are trees from Ericaceae families and Rhododendron, banj oak (Quercus leucotrichophora) and Himalayan stinging nettle. Local peoples usually gather these leaves for their cattle bedding.
Chir pine is broadly planted for timber and thus being a standout amongst the most vital trees in forest ranges in northern Pakistan, India and Nepal. Comparatively to other conifers, its wood is weak and inclined to rot, so not much preferred for building purposes. Metalworkers of its native areas utilize its bark solely as the fuel for their furnaces.
These trees are also used as ornamental tree, used in parks and gardens.


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