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Offering Trees of  Thuja Occidentle trees.

This slow-growing tree reaches 25 to 40 feet in
height and spreads to about 10 to 12 feet wide,
preferring a wet or moist, rich soil (Fig. 1).
Transplanting is moderately easy if plants are root-
pruned and either balled and burlapped or potted.
White-Cedar likes high humidity and tolerates wet
soils and some drought. The foliage turns brownish in
winter, especially on cultivars with colored foliage and
on exposed sites open to the wind.
Best used as a screen or hedge planted on 8 to 10-
foot-centers. There are better specimen plants but it
can be placed at the corner of a building or other area
to soften a view. Many of the natural stands in the
United States have been cut. Some remain in isolated
areas along rivers throughout the East.
White-Cedar has given rise to many cultivars,
many of which are shrubs. Cultivars include: ‘Booth
Globe’ – low, rounded with a flat top; ‘Compacta’ –
dense and compact; ‘Compacta Erecta’ – semi-dwarf,
pyramidal; ‘Douglasi Pyramidalis’ – dense, columnar;
‘Emerald Green’ – good winter color; ‘Ericoides’ –
dwarf, brownish foliage in winter; ‘Fastigiata’ –
narrow, columnar; ‘Globosa’ – dense, rounded; ‘Hetz
Junior’ – dwarf, wider than it is tall; ‘Hetz Midget’ –
slow grower, quite dwarf, rounded; ‘Hovey’ – low and
rounded; ‘Little Champion’ – globe shaped; ‘Lutea’ –
yellow foliage; ‘Nigra’ – dark green foliage in winter,
pyramidal; ‘Pumila’ (Little Gem) – rounded, dwarf;
‘Pyramidalis’ – narrow pyramidal form; ‘Rheingold’ –
rounded form with yellow to bronze new growth.

Fruit characteristics:
does not attract wildlife;
inconspicuous and not showy; no significant litter
problem; persistent on the tree.

Light requirement:
tree grows in part shade/part sun;
tree grows in full sun
Soil tolerances:
clay; loam; sand; slightly alkaline;
acidic; extended flooding; well-drained
Drought tolerance:
Aerosol salt tolerance:
Soil salt tolerance:

Item Details

Botanical Name Thuja Occidentle
Family Cupressaceae
Genus Thuja
Species Occidentle
Common Name Morpankhi
Type Tree


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