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Botanical Name

Beaucarnea recurvata






Common Name




Beaucarnea recurvata


Synonym: Nolina Recurvata
Commonly know as Ponytail which has very unique appearance. It is drought tolerant plant having bottle like or big onion like base. Its leaves are long and narrow like a strap which arch and hang laxly.

This upright, fine-textured evergreen tree grows
very slowly up to 30 feet in height but rarely exceeds
10 feet. A distinctive plant, ponytail palm has
a greatly swollen trunk base (sometimes to seven feet
across) which narrowly tapers and eventually branches
in older specimens. The light green leaves, up to five
feet long and 3/4 of an inch wide, are produced in
tufts clustered at the tips of branches. The cascading
nature of the leaves gives much the appearance of a
pony’s tail. Creamy yellow flowers are quite showy
as they are held above the foliage in spring or summer
for several weeks. The tree will occasionally flower
two or even three times a year. This plant makes a
great conversation piece, whether grown as a
specimen, a container plant, near patios, or placed in
rock gardens. It can also be used as a houseplant.
Ponytail palm grows in full sun or partial shade on
a wide range of soils. Soil must have good drainage
as plants have a tendency to develop root rot on
poorly-drained soils. Plants moved from indoors to
permanent outside locations should be gradually
exposed to the increase in light and temperature

routinely grown with, or
trainable to be grown with, multiple trunks; grow
mostly upright and will not droop; showy trunk; no
Pruning requirement:
needs little pruning to develop
a strong structure

Light requirement:
tree grows in part shade/part sun;
tree grows in full sun


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