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Callistemon Viminalis Seeds Weeping Bottle Brush Tree For Sale in Bulk Quantities At Very Good Wholesales Prices.

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Callistemon Viminalis

It is well known as Weeping Bottle Brush Tree. It is native to Australia and is getting  the attention from all over the world. Its a taller shrub, which can reach up to the height of 15 to 30 feet. It produces bright red flower spikes. Mature trees of it are drought tolerant.
Callistemon viminalis Bottlebrush Seeds

The Callistemon viminalis seed is capsule which appears in clusters along the stems. Their seeds are tiny, woody, cup shape and about 7 mm wide. Each fruit contains hundreds of seeds which are not release from fruits up to a year.

How to Propagate Callistemon viminalis through Seeds

Callistemon viminalis can propagate through seeds which are collect from its fruits. Each fruit holds hundreds of tiny seeds that occurs in clusters along the flower stem. The seeds remains in fruits for several years. The fruit will open to release the seeds. Therefore, the unopen fruits are collect and store in warm and dry place usually in a paper bag. The Callistemon viminalis can be also propagate through cuttings. The cultivation through cutting mostly use to propagate a hybrid. Seeds usually not produce a plant that looks like parents.

Callistemon viminalis Seeds Germination

Callistemon viminalis seeds are tiny and look like dust. However, they are easy to germinate. By sowing the seeds in a pot containing soil mixture that is pre-wetted. Then, the seeds should be cover with plastic and placing the pot in the area where it get bright light but not direct light. The plastic cover is remove as the seeds starts to germinate.

Diseases of Callistemon viminalis Seedlings

Callistemon viminalis seedlings are susceptible to mildews, root rots and verticillium wilt diseases. Mostly issues are cause due to excessive moisture in the soil. Wet soil is the direct cause of fungal attack. The solution to get rid of fungal diseases is to spray any fungicide. The seedlings are also susceptible to frost damage therefore, they should be protected.

Description of Callistemon viminalis

Callistemon viminalis is known from its synonym “Melaleuca viminalis”. It is commonly called Red Bottlebrush, Weeping Bottlebrush and Drooping Bottlebrush. They get their name from the spikes of their flowers which blooms at the ends of the stems and shows resemblance with a bottle brush. It is native to Australia and makes a good choice for gardens. There are 40 species in the genus. They are generally appreciated for their flowers, quick growth and adaptability.

Callistemon viminalis leaves are lanceolate while flowers are borne in spikes with prominent red colour stamens. The spikes are about 40-150 mm long while the stamens are about 15-25 mm in length. The petals are tiny, greenish and inconspicuous. The flower blooming period of different varieties bloom over summer season. The flowers are spectacular and their nectar attract the nectar-feeding insects and birds. It grows as a shrub or a small tree and reaches a height of up to 15 feet. They mostly grow in damp and wet areas such as along creek beds. They should be lightly prune to keep them in a proper shape. The plant requires a low-phosphorus fertilizer in spring and autumn. It is somehow frost tolerant and require little care once established. The plant is known for its erosion controlling nature and smog tolerance.

Callistemon viminalis Cultivars

Some of the mostly cultivated cultivars of Callistemon viminalis are:

  1. Callistemon viminalis (Captain Cook): A dwarf shrub about 1-2 m high.
  2. Callistemon viminalis (Rose Opal): About 1.5-1.8 m high and has rosy red stamens.
  3. Callistemon viminalis (Dawson River Weeper): A rounded shrub about 5 m high with dark crimson flowers.
  4. Callistemon viminalis (Hannah Ray): A shrub about 4 m high with scarlet brushes.
  5. Callistemon viminalis (Prolific): A small tree about 4-6 m high with large red brushes.
  6. Callistemon viminalis (Hen Camp Creek): A shrub about 4 m high with red flowers.



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Botanical Details

Botanical Name Callistemon Viminalis
Family Myrtaceae
Genus Callistemon
Species Viminalis
Common Name Weeping bottlebrush
Type Shrub
Height Height 3m – 6m Spread 1.5m – 5m
Hardiness Zone 9-11


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