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Echeveria House Plants For Sale

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Echeveria Plants

Echeverias are from the Crassulaceae family which are one of the most eye catching rosette formation in all succulent plants.  Echeverias are native to Central America.
Consequently they are able to withstand high temperatures and drought better than their  European Sempervivum relatives, but are not particularly frost-hardy. The rosettes of  Echeveria are generally much larger than  those of Sempervivum, and the range of leaf shapes and colors is much more diverse.  The foliage colors include green, grey, blue,  pink, orange, and red, and many are edged in a contrasting color. Some Echeveria have leaves covered with soft downy hairs, but most have a powdery or waxy surface which lends a shimmering richness to the foliage color. The bell-shaped flowers, in shades of yellow, orange, red, and pink, are borne in clusters on arching stems. There are about 150 species of Echeveria, which have been extensively hybridized to create an astounding assortment of cultivars.


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