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Available Bougainvillea in Colors are:
Apricot, White, Yellow,  Orange, Burgundy,

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Bougainvillea Tree Plants

Bougainvillea is evergreen, shrubby, thorny and showy vine. It tolerates droughts and that’s why it is said as desert plant. In the colder areas, it should be grown in containers.
It can attains the height of 1 meter up to 12 meters.

This woody vine can be mold into different shapes. It produces the bracts of flowers, which  are very colorful. These flowers keep coming through out the year, but especially in winter and spring these flowers bloom abundantly.
Bougainvillea is grown along with walls , and also grown on a single trunk as stand alone tree, and can be trimmed as a fence and  over the fence as wall. It is a low maintenance plant but should be trimmed regularly to keep it in good shape.

Boungainvillea in dwarf varieties are used as ground covers.



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