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Polyalthia longifolia Trees & Seeds For Sale In Bulk Quantities.
This is an evergreen tree is usually planted because of its adequacy in reducing noise pollution.



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Polyalthia longifolia  False Ashoka Trees

Polyalthia longifolia is incorrectly distinguished as the ashoka tree (Saraca indica) due to the nearby likeness of the two trees. It is local to India and Srilanka and an evergreen tree, which is usually planted because of its adequacy in reducing noise pollution. It is used by landscapers as hedging tree. It displays symmetrical pyramidal development with dainty sobbing pendulous branches and long tight lanceolate leaves with undulate edges. The tree is known to develop more than 30 feet in stature. Polyalthia is gotten from a blend of Greek words signifying ‘many cures’ with reference to the therapeutic properties of the tree while Longifolia, in Latin, alludes to the length of its leaves.  New leaves are a coppery darker shading and are delicate and sensitive to touch, as the leaves become more established the shading turns into a light green lastly a dull green. The leaves are molded like a spear and have rippled edges. In spring the tree is spread over with sensitive star-like light green star-shaped blooms. The blossoms keep going for a brief period, generally for couple of weeks. Blossoms are not apparent much because of their shading. The tree can be trimmed into required sizes and in different shapes.In past, its light-weight trunks were utilized as a part of the making of poles / Mast for cruising ships, because of this it was called the Mast Tree.

Polyalthia longifolia Propagation

Polyalthia Longifolia can be effortlessly grown from seeds and cuttings. It is a quickly developing tree and requires great presentation to daylight and not excessive watering.

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Item Details

Botanical Name Polyalthia longifolia
Family Annonaceae
Genus Polyalthia
Species longifolia
Common Name False Ashoka, Buddha Tree, Indian mast and Indian Fir tree
Type Tree
Height Over 30 and 40 feet
Hardiness 10 – 12


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