Erythrina suberosa Seeds


Erythrina Suberosa Seeds Corky Coral Tree Seeds For Sale in Bulk Quantities At Very Good Wholesales Prices.
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Erythrina suberosa Seeds

Erythrina suberosa seeds harvesting period is April. Erythrina suberosa is a flowering tree with eye catching flowers. Its flower color is red and red-orange. It is drought tolerant tree, which is used in xeriscaping. Its trees are attractive to bees and birds.

These trees are native to Punjab and are locally called “Pangra”. It is widely cultivated in Pakistan and other Asian countries as an ornamental plant. It is also tag as coral tree or flame tree due to its red flowers and branches that resembles the shape of sea coral. Furthermore, its name comes from a Greek word “erythros” which means “red”. Erythrina suberosa can be used as a synonym for Erythrina glabrescens, Erythrina alba, Erythrina maxima, Erythrina stricta suberosa and Erythrina sublobata.

Erythrina suberosa  Of Distribution

Erythrina suberosa is widely occurs in plain regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan.

Erythrina suberosa Overview

Erythrina suberosa (Fabaceae) is a deciduous tree of medium size about 10 m tall. The bark of the tree is corky, cracked and grey in colour. The branches are armed with prickles which are 3-6 mm long. These prickles fall off after the third year of germination. The leaves are trifoliolate and each leaflet is 7.5-15 cm long and broad. The inflorescence is raceme and occurs near the tips of branches. The flowers are in fascicles of 1-3. The plant bloom flowers in the month of March and April in Pakistan. The fruit are pods about 12-15 cm long, containing 2-5 seeds in each pod. The seeds are of two types i.e. light brown and dark reddish-brown seeds. This dimorphism of seeds can be occur within a pod, not in an individual plant.

Erythrina suberosa Seeds Collection

Erythrina suberosa seeds are collected from a mature tree and dried for storage. Their seeds may need scarification before sowing in order to speed up germination.

Erythrina suberosa Seeds Scarification

Erythrina suberosa seeds over 6 months old may take between 12 – 18 months to germinate due to their hard seed coat which becomes tougher with age. Seeds dormancy can be break by pouring a small amount of hot water on the seeds. After, these seeds are soak into warm water for 12-24 hours. When the seeds absorb moisture and become swollen, they are ready to sown. If the seeds don’t absorb moisture then a nick is make in the seedcoat and let them soak for 12 hours further.

Erythrina suberosa Seed Germination

Erythrina suberosa seeds germinate within 8 to 10 days. The seedlings attain a height of 30-50 cm in 8 – 10 weeks. The seeds prefers loamy and sandy ground for germination. It needs soil pH in the range of 4-8. It prefers temperature a little warmer not less than 10˚C. Moderate water is sprinkle over plant.

How to care for Erythrina suberosa Seedlings

Erythrina suberosa seedlings needs moderately fertile and well-drained soil. The plant grows best under 20-32˚C temperature. The seedlings should to fertilize once a year in spring. The plant may reaches the height of 15 meters in 8 to 10 years, if remain unpruned.

Erythrina suberosa Traditional Uses

Erythrina suberosa is a source of numerous medicinal preparations such as “Siddha” which is mostly used in India as a medicine. The stem and bark are also reports to cure various disorders. The flowers are used to reduce nausea and to make a refreshing drink during summer. The seeds are poisonous if consume. Their seeds are commonly used in decoration pieces in necklaces and good-luck charms.


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Botanical Details

Botanical Name Erythrina suberosa
Genus Erythrina
Species suberosa
Common Name
Type Tree


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