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Jacaranda mimosifolia  Trees For Sale
Blue Jacaranda Trees For Sale


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Jacaranda mimosifolia Trees

Jacaranda mimosifolia is also known as blue jacaranda, black poui, or as  fern tree etc. It is a sub tropical beauty and it is deciduous tree, which can get height up to 20m. Also grown as street tree. It produces blue flowers and often known as blue jacaranda. The blue jacaranda has been grown in the regions, where there is no exposure of frost. Larger trees can however endure brief spells of temperature dips around to −7 °C (19 °F). The twigs are slim and somewhat crisscross. It blossoms show up in spring and early summer. They are trailed by woody seed cases, which contains winged seeds. The Blue Jacaranda is grown even in territories where it seldom blossoms but is grown for its compound leaves. Abundant blossoming is viewed as heavenly by a few and very muddled by others. Its wood dries without trouble and is frequently utilized as a part of its green or wet state for turnery and bowl cutting.

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Botanical Name Jacaranda mimosifolia
Family Bignoniaceae
Genus Jacaranda
Species mimosifolia
Common Name Brazilian Rose Wood, Green Ebony, Blue jacaranda, black poui, fern tree
Type Tree
Height Over 40 feet
Hardiness  9 – 11


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