Terminalia mantaly Trees


Terminalia mantaly Trees For Sale, Can Be Shipped To Your Doorstep.
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Terminalia Mantlay is used as landscape and roadside tree.

Terminalia Mantlay Trees For Sale
Terminalia Mantlay Trees For Sale



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Description Terminalia mantaly Trees

Terminalia mantaly is also known as Madagascar almond, Umbrella tree and French mantaly. Terminalia mantaly H. Perrier(Combretaceae) is native to Madagascar.  It is a deciduous or evergreen erect tree.The stem is smooth with layered branches and ashy grey bark. The leaves are dark green, glabrous, leathery, obovate, apex obtuse, estipulate, 2.69 cm long and 1.39 cm wide. Petiole is glabrous and sub-sessile. Leaf venationis cladodromous. Inflorescence flowers are small, five lobed, valvate, white or cream in colour with mildly unpleasant smell. The fruit is drupe, one seeded, fleshy, ovoid to ovate in shape and yellow to red in colour. The seed is glabrous, spindle-shaped, 0.76 cm long and 0.30 cm wide. It is up to 22.86 m tall with a wide horizontal canopy.It is a woody tree and mostly grown in semi-arid to moist tropics at 1500 m elevation.

Landscaping ideas of Terminalia mantaly Trees

It is a fast growing tree and can be used in restoration projects. It is also grown as ornamental purposes (indoor plant) and for shade along the roads, streets and gardens.

How to propagate Terminalia Mantlay Trees !

The plant is propagated through seeds. The seeds are collected from trees in hot seasons. Before sowing, the wing is removed from the seeds and soaked for 24 hours in water.

How to take care of Terminalia mantaly plants :

  • The soil should be well-drained medium to light with suitable pH(5.5 -7).
  • The plant needs normal water but has high drought and salt tolerance.
  • It prefers rainfall in the range of 500-1200 mm annually.
  • It grows best at average annual temperature within the range of 20°C-28°C but it can also tolerate 15°C-36°C of temperature.
  • It requires a sunny position with moderate shade.
  • Grows well in hot and humid climate.
  • Organic fertilizer should be applied once in spring and summer every year.
  • It should be trimmed slightly in winter after leave fall, if the canopy is unbalanced.
  • The plant grows fast, if placed on good site.
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Item Details

Botanical Name Terminalia mantaly
Family Combretaceae
Genus Terminalia
Species mantaly
Common Name Umbrella Tree
Type Tree
Height 30 to 60 feet


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