Chamaedorea Elegans Parlour Palms


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Chamaedorea Elegans Parlour Palms

Chamaedorea Elegans is slow growing palm do not get much height. It  grows up to 8 feet. Pale leaves of it make attractive crown. It has been in use since Victorian times. Suitable for interiors.

This palm, native of the dense rain forests of Mexico and
Guatemala, is one of the best indoor Chamaedoreas, tolerating
crowded roots and low light levels. Since lower leaves drop from the plant as it grows, older palms have all their foliage on top of the bright green, shiny stem. It grows five to eight feet tall but is usually kept smaller by pruning the stem back nearly to the ground. Growing very slowly, this pale green, single-stemmed palm is most effective when potted three or more to a container. It can also be an effective accent plant in a ground hugging ground cover in a small scale garden. While excellent when used for a house plant, Parlor Palm can also be used outdoors in a shady understory setting as an accent. The showy stems are bright green.

Organic soil is preferred and Parlor Palm should be fertilized regularly. Best growth occurs in shaded locations away from direct sunlight.

Propagation is by seed.
Mites, nematodes, and scales can be a problem, especially when used indoors.

Frost Tolerance:
25°F (-4°C)
Sun Exposure:
Shade to light shade, burn easily in direct sun light

Origin: Southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize

Watering Needs: Regular water, regular shower helps fighting red spiders

Height: 4 to 8 feet
Spread: 2 to 3 feet
Plant habit: palm; upright
Plant density: open
Growth rate: slow

Texture: medium

Light requirement: plant grows in the shade
Soil tolerances: slightly alkaline; clay; sand; acidic; loam.

Item Details

Botanical Name Chamaedorea Elegans
Family Arecaceae
Genus Chamaedorea
Species Elegans
Common Name Parlor Palm, Parlour Palm
Type Palm
Height 4 to 6 feet
Hardiness  10a


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