Malephora Crocea Coppery Mesemb


Malephora Crocea, An Easy To Grow Plant for sale. A specie of flowering plant in the Aizoaceae family. Commonly known as Coppery Mesemb.

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Malephora Crocea Coppery Mesemb

Malephora crocea is also known as Coppery Mesemb. It is perennial herb / shrub, having thick and fleshy succulent leaves.  Malephora is a hardy plant and it can tolerate frosts, so it is suits the regions where the temperatures are low. These malephora plants can tolerate drought conditions, and requiring less amount of water. Over-watering it should be avoided. It is an easy to care plant.  It can also bear extreme heats as well.  It is used in the landscapes and along with the road sides. Also used as ground cover plant. It spreads about two feet and can gain one feet height.

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Botanical Name Malephora Crocea
Family Aizoaceae
Genus Malephora
Species Crocea
Common Name Red Ice Plant
Type Ground Cover
Height 20cm – 30cm
Hardiness 9 – 12


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