Pennisetum Setaceum Seeds


Pennisetum setaceum seeds, Fountain grass seeds for sale in bulk quantities.

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Pennisetum Setaceum Fountain Grass Seeds

Pennisetum setaceum, also known as fountain grass.

Sowing Seeds:
Fountain grass seeds can be sown directly into the soil  depending on your climate and preferences.
a) Indoors: Start seeds indoors several weeks before the last expected frost. Use a well-draining seed starting mix, plant the seeds at the recommended depth, and keep the soil consistently moist. Once seedlings are large enough and the risk of frost has passed, they can be transplanted outdoors.
b) Outdoors: If you have a suitable growing season, seeds can be sown directly into the garden soil. Ensure the soil is prepared, and plant the seeds at the appropriate depth, as indicated on the seed packet.

Growing Conditions:
Pennisetum setaceum typically prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Ensure that the soil is kept consistently moist during the germination and early growth stages.
Once established, fountain grass is relatively drought-tolerant and can thrive in a variety of soil types.

Care and Maintenance:
Water newly planted seeds regularly until they are established.
Fountain grass generally requires minimal maintenance. Pruning back the plant in late winter or early spring can promote new growth.
Remove spent flower spikes to encourage additional blooms.


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