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Grevillea Robusta Silky Oak Trees Seedlings For Sale.

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Grevillea robusta Trees

Grevillea robusta is also known as silky oak tree, southern silky oak and silk oak etc. It is not firmly identified with the genuine oaks. It is an evergreen and fast growing tree. It can reaches up to the height of 18m to 35meters.
Its blossoms are brilliant golen-orange bottle-brush-like flowers, and are utilized for nectar creation.
the blooms have no petals, Its flowers have a long calyx that parts into 4 projections.
At the point when it is young, it can be developed as a houseplant where it can endure light shade, yet lean towards full sun as it develops best in warm zones. On the off chance if planted outside, young trees require protection from frost. Once settled it is hardier and endures temperatures down to −8 °C (18 °F).  It needs periodic water yet it is generally fairly safe in dry season.

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Botanical Name Grevillea Robusta
Family Proteaceae
Genus Grevillea
Species Robusta
Common Name Silk Oak, Silky Oak, Silver-Oak
Type Tree
Height 20ft to over 40 feet
Hardiness 9a


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