Nyctanthes arbortristis Seeds


Nyctanthes arbortristis Night Blooming Jasmine Seeds For Sale in Bulk Quantities At Very Good Wholesales Prices.

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Nyctanthes arbortristis Night Blooming Jasmine Seeds

Nyctanthes arbortristis is also known as night flowering jasmine. It has several common names including, Night-flowering jasmine, Coral jasmine, Parijat, Harsinghar, Shefali or hengra bubar. It is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. The plant is widely distributed in several places such as the foothills of Hazara, Rawalpindi and Mardan etc. The seeds are enclosed in a capsule (fruit) which is 2-celled. The colour of seeds are brown to dark brown.

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis is a shrub or can be said as small tree, which can grow
up to 10 meter height. It produces cluster of fragrant flowers.

Nyctanthes arbortristis Overview

Nyctanthes arbortristis is a shrub or a small tree that grows up to 10 m tall. The bark is grey in colour while its leaves are simple, opposite, 6-12 cm long and 2-6.5 cm wide. Their leaves are covered with stiff white hairs. The flowers are star-like in shape, fragrant, deeply sweet and has 5-8 lobes white corolla with an orange-red center. Their flowers are produce in clusters of 2 to 7 together with individual flowers. The fruits are bilobe, brown in colour, round to heart-shape. Their fruits are 2 cm in diameter, each lobe contains a single seed. The seeds are exalbuminous with thick testae.

Nyctanthes arbortristis tree is sometimes called the “Tree of Sorrow” because their flowers lose brightness during daytime. The word arbor-tristis also means “Sad Tree” because it curls up their flowers in a tear-shape shortly after sunrise. Then these flowers are fall down from tree and cover the surrounding area like a spectacular carpet of fragrant flowers. Therefore, it is called “Tree of Sorrow”. It is highly known for its flowers and its flower is the state flower of West Bengal. An orange dye is extracted from the flower’s corolla tube which is use to dye clothes. In Pakistan, the flowering period starts from August to October.

Propagation of Nyctanthes arbortristis

Nyctanthes arbortristis can be propagated through seeds. Their seeds are collected from tree fruits or capsules. Fresh seeds are sown in soil mixture in a pot. Water should be spray to moist the soil. It occurs in the USDA hardiness zones of 9-11.

How to care for Nyctanthes arbortristis Seedlings

Nyctanthes arbortristis seeds are sown in well-drained soil. Too much watering is not beneficial for the plant as it cause root rot. It prefers partial shade and partial sun but not direct sun exposure. The plant need to fertilize once in a year. When the seedlings become enough to handle, they should be transfer to their original position.

Uses of Nyctanthes arbortristis Seeds

The seeds of Nyctanthes arbortristis are used to cure scurfy affections of scalp, skin diseases and piles. They are also used to prevent baldness.



Botanical Details

Botanical Name Nyctanthes arbortristis
Family Oleaceae
Genus Nyctanthes
Species arbor-tristis
Common Name  Night-flowering jasmine
Type Shrubs
Height 10 – 12 feet
Hardiness Zone Zone 10 – 11


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