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Rhapis Excelsa Plants

Rhapis Excelsa is a house plant and easy to care. Used as  interior and in exterior landscapes. It bears glistening leaves.  Also known as bamboo palm or lady palm. The delicate Lady Palm forms dense clumps of bamboo-like stalks topped with very dark green, broad, fan-shaped
leaves . Performing well in northside foundation plantings or other shady locations, slow-growing Lady Palm is also ideal for containers. They lend a rich  tropical look to the landscape. Lady Palms can be effective accents in a shrub border or near an entryway. Plant on three to four foot centers to create a mass effect. Locate them in a low-growing ground cover such as Mondo Grass or Lily-Turf for a dramatic effect.

This palm looks wonderful when it is lighted from below, or silhouetted at night. Lady Palm needs partial to deep shade and fertile organic soil to look its best but will tolerate the poor light, dust, and drought usual of indoor container culture. Be sure that drainage is adequate for indoor use. Spreading slowly by underground stems, Lady Palm is usually propagated by division. Make more divisions than you need since many canes may not transplant successfully. There are several other species of  Rhapis for different leaf sizes and shapes. Pest problems include scale, palm aphids, sooty mold, and caterpillars, although none are usually serious.

Rhapis Excelsa Foliage

Leaf arrangement: alternate
Leaf type: simple
Leaf margin: lobed
Leaf shape: fan-shaped
Leaf venation: palmate
Leaf type and persistence: evergreen
Leaf blade length: 8 to 12 inches
Leaf color: green
Fall color: no fall color change
Fall characteristic: not showy
Select Plants Total Height

Height 150 cm, Multi Trunk, 100 cm, Multi Trunk, 30 cm

Item Details

Botanical Name Rhapis Excelsa
Family Arecaceae
Genus Rhapis
Species Excelsa
Common Name Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm
Type Palm
Height 8 to 10 feet
Hardiness 9a to 10b


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