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Bauhinia variegata Seeds Orchid Tree Seeds For Sale in Bulk Quantities At Very Good Wholesales Prices.

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Bauhinia variegata is also commonly known as Orchid Tree. Bauhinia variegata is a deciduous tree.  Color of its flowers is
bright pink to white. Its flowers are also used in food in Nepal and Pakistan. These trees are grown as
ornamental tree, and in landscapes. These trees have spreading crown.

Bauhinia variegata(Leguminaceae) is a deciduous tree reaches up to 15 m tall with dark brownish bark. It is native to temperate and tropical Indian Sub-continent, South Eastern Asia and China where climate is moderate. It is commonly known as kachnar, mountain ebony, poor man’s orchid, orchid tree, Napoleon’s hat and camel’s foot. It can be planted in parks, gardens, roadsides and homes as an ornamental plant due to its showy pink, purple or white colouredflowers which make it attractive. It was traditionally used in the treatment of cough, bronchitis, leprosy, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, sore throat, TB, ulcer, obesity and tumors.It is also considered as antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, hypolipidemic, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, molluscicidal and immuno-modulating.Bauhinia variegatais a well-known medicinal plant and its stem, bark and flowers are used as medicine in various formulations.

Seeds Uses

The seeds are made up of 80% kernel and 20% endocarp. They yield 16% pale yellow fatty oil on extraction. They have a wide content of fatty oils which are used in different formulations of herbal and Homeopathic medicines. They have a good viability period of germination about 2 years.




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Botanical Details

Botanical Name Bauhinia Variegata
Family Fabaceae
Genus Bauhinia
Species Variegata
Common Name Orchid Tree
Type Tree
Height 15m


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