Putranjiva Roxburghii Seeds


Lucky Bean Tree.

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Putranjiva roxburghii Seeds

The seeds of Putranjiva roxburghii are sweet, laxative, acrid and refrigerant. They are also known as lucky beans and is known for its medicinal properties.
Its an evergreen tree, which can take up the height of 12meter. Its bark and leaves etc are used for medicinal purposes. It is grown as an ornamental tree in gardens and parks. It also grow naturally along river banks, shady valleys and evergreen forests.

Introduction of Putranjiva roxburghii

Putranjiva roxburghii is an evergreen tree with pendant branches. It is popularly known by its synonym Drypetes roxburghii. Commonly it is known as Putranjiva, Putrajeevak, Childlife tree Lucky Bean Tree and Travellers Tree. Putranjiva is also called “Pootranjeeva” which is a combination of two words. “Pootra” means a son and “jeeva” means life. It is thought to be effective for infertility. The name of the plant is misleading since it has been wrongly interpreted as a medicine for obtaining a male child.

Description of Putranjiva roxburghii

Putranjiva roxburghii is a dioecious tree. It reaches up to 15 m in height usually. The bark is smooth and yellowish grey in colour. The leaves are elliptic-lanceolate in shape, 2-9 cm long and 1-4 cm broad. The plant comprises stipules which are narrowly lanceolate and about 1 mm long. The male fascicles are dense while their flowers are yellowish-green in colour and about 2 mm long. The female flowers are white in colour and 2 mm long. The flowering occurs from March to May in Pakistan and other tropical countries. The fruit is drupe, ovoid-ellipsoid in shape, white velvety and about 1.5 cm long. The fruiting starts in January and February. Each fruit contains one seed. The seeds are ovoid with a pale exo-testa and a darker endo-testa.

Propagation of Putranjiva roxburghii through Seeds

Both male and female plants can be grown through seeds. The seeds are obtained from fallen fruits of trees. Then, they are sown in seedbeds or in individual pots. These seeds germinate during rainy season.

How to take care of Putranjiva roxburghii Seedlings

The Putranjiva roxburghii seedlings prefer tropical humid climates. They prefer semi shade and moderate watering but tolerate dry conditions. They do not tolerate frost conditions therefore, it is necessary to keep the seedlings in green house during winters.

Essential Oil from Putranjiva roxburghii Seed

An essential oil is obtained from seed which is olive-brown in appearance. This oil is used for burning.

Distillation of Putranjiva roxburghii Seed Oil

The oil of Putranjiva roxburghii seed is obtained by steam distillation of seed kernel. About 0.5% of essential oil is obtained by this method. This oil has a sharp characteristic smell of mustard oil. The major constituents of oil are isopropyl and 2-butyl isothiocyanates while minor constituents are 2-methyl-butyl isothiocyanate etc.

Uses of Putranjiva roxburghii Seed & Fruit

A decoction of fruit is used for the treatment of cold, fever and rheumatism. The white seeds are used to make beautiful necklaces. These necklaces are traditionally given to children as a protection from diseases. It is used to increase fertility in women and men.  Therefore, its fruits are also worn in the form of necklace to prevent miscarriage. Their seeds are taken orally in the form of powder to cure burning sensation, constipation, ophthalmic and semen disorder.


50 Seeds, 10kg, 20kg, 100kg

Botanical Details

Botanical Name Putranjiva Roxburghii
Family Putranjivaceae
Genus  Putranjiva
Species Roxburghii
Common Name Lucky Bean Tree
Type Tree
Height Overt 40 feet
Hardiness Zone Zone 9 & 10


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