Gazania Pots And Landscape Plants Growers

Ground Cover  Plants

Scientific Name

Gazania Spp





Common Names



Ground Cover; Perennial; Herbaceous


0.5 to 1 feet

Hardiness Zone

8B through 11



Gazania is a perennial, which resembles Daisy plants quite a much. It bears very bold flowers. These are drought tolerant and do well in well drained and in hot sunny spots.

Gazania is a perennial grown as an a
nnual that grows well
in rock gardens or in other hot, dry areas (Fig. 1). It forms a
very low, ground-hugging ground cover, producing bright
yellow, orange or red, daisy-like flowers. Flowers close at night
and on very cloudy days. Plants grow 6 to 12-inches tall with
blueish foliage. Do not plant in the partial shade. Full day sun
is required for healthy plants.

It is a good plant for erosion control in dry areas. It should be planted 12 to 18-inches apart to form a solid ground cover several months after planting. Good soil gives best growth but
the plant tolerates poor, sandy soil. Gazania requires less water than most annuals or perennials. Full sun is preferred and the flowers do not open fully on wet or cloudy days. Extended wet weather or poorly drained soil can promote disease which can kill portions of the plant. Removing the old blossoms may increase the number of blooms produced.

Pests and Diseases
No pests or diseases are of major concern but can be
susceptible to root rot on wet or poorly drained soils.