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We Offer Cupressus sempervirens tree Plants in Bulk Quantities. Annually can supply up to 50, 000 to
60, 000 Plants of Height 175Cm to 200Cm.
Cupressus sempervirens is also recognised as Italian cypress. The term Sempervirens  in Latin and means, evergreen or always green or always fresh. It is an ever green hardy tree , medium sized coniferous tree, with foliage growing in dense sprays. It can reach up to 35 meters in height. It is enduring, and can reach the age of more than 1,000 years. Its seeds cones are in oval shape. This
tree can endure some dry spell once settled.

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Botanical Name Cupressus sempervirens
Family Cupressaceae
Genus Cupressus
Species sempervirens
Common Name Cypress
Type Tree
Height Over 40 Feet
Hardiness 8a


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