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It is also commonly known as white frangipani and can reach up to the height of 30′ to 40′. Plumeria can deepen the grace of landscapes quite noticeably.

It is well-known for its intensely fragrant,
lovely, spiral-shaped blooms which appear at branch
tips June through November. The tree itself is
rather unusual in appearance; the 20-inch-long, coarse,
deciduous leaves clustered only at the tips of the
rough, blunt, sausage-like, thick, grey-green branches.
Branches are upright and rather crowded on the trunk
forming a vase or umbrella shape with age. They are
rather soft and brittle and can break but are usually
sturdy unless they are mechanically hit or disturbed.
A milky sap is exuded from the branches when they
are bruised or punctured.

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Botanical Name Plumeria rubra
Family Apocynaceae
Genus Plumeria
Species rubra
Common Name Plumeria
Type Tree
Height 6 to 30 feet
Hardiness 10 – 11


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