Ravenala Madagascariensis


Ravenala Madagascariensis (Travellers Palm).
It is not a true palm , it belongs to Strelitziaceae family.
This big fan shaped palm should be planted out of the wind.
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Very popular palm as ornamental plant in the tropical region. The harmonious arrangement if its leaves give it the look of beautiful shape of a big fan.

Traveler’s-Tree is ideal for creating an exotic,
tropical effect with its very large, banana-like leaves,
each up to nine feet long and held in fan-shaped
formation, and the unusual, small, white flowers which
are held erect in canoe-shaped bracts (Fig. 1). Leaves
are usually seen tattered and torn from exposure to the
wind. Traveler’s-Tree will reach a height of 30 feet
and a spread of 18 feet, growing at a moderate rate. It
makes a nice tropical accent in a large landscape,
growing too large for most modest-sized yards. The
common name is derived from the fact that weary
travelers would quench their thirst on the rainwater
collected in the enlarged sheaths at the base of the
Traveler’s-Tree will produce best growth in full
sun, though small potted plants may be grown in shade
for a period of time. Plants should be grown on fertile
soils, high in organic matter, and routinely cared for.
Plants should be grown only in frost-free locations.
Propagation is by division of basal suckers or by

seed, which are slow to germinate.

No pests are of major concern.
Cercospora leaf-spot is a very serious disease
Trunk and Branches
routinely grown with, or
trainable to be grown with, multiple trunks; grow
mostly upright and will not droop; showy trunk; no
Pruning requirement:
requires pruning to develop
strong structure
Crown shaft:
Light requirement:
tree grows in part shade/part sun;
tree grows in full sun
Soil tolerances:
clay; loam; sand; slightly alkaline;
acidic; well-drained.

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Botanical Name Ravenala Madagascariensis
Family Strelitziaceae
Genus  Ravenala
Species Madagascariensis
Common Name Travelers palm
Type Palm
Height 20 to over 40 feet
Hardiness 9a


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