Bismarckia Nobilis Seeds


Bismarckia Nobilis Seeds ( Silver ) , Bismarck Palm Seeds

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Bismarckia Nobilis Seeds

Bismarckia Nobilis also known as Bismarck  Palm. Bismarckia seeds should be soaked in  slightly warm water for couple of days before sowing. Bismarckia seeds grow in six to eight weeks. It requires heat and moisture to germinate. Bismarckia palms growth speed is about one to two feet per year.


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Botanical Details

Botanical Name Bismarckia Nobilis
Family Arecaceae
Genus Bismarckia
Species Nobilis
Common Name Bismarck Palm
Type Palm
Height 20 to 30 feet and 30 to 60 feet
Hardiness Zone Zone 9
Seeds Per Kg 70 to 80


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